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Feminine Hygiene Vending Agreement
Addendum A

On a monthly basis, “your company name” will remit a check for all invoices to cover service fees. The check will be:

Payable to: Protocol, LLC
Sent to: Protocol, 2110 Cheshire Way, Ste. A, Greensboro NC 27405
Attn: Accounts receivable

The costs for machines, shipping, installation, hardware, labor, maintenance, repair and replacement parts as well as all other expenses associated with the equipment will be absorbed by Protocol.

Protocol LLC agrees to provide this service to “your company name”
for the monthly price of $15 per column for products sold at cost.

Monthly subsidies per machine:

  • $45 for a 3-column machine
  • $60 for a 4-column machine
  • $75 for a 5-column machine

Items to vend at $ .25:

  • Carefree Panty Shields
  • OB Tampons
  • Medique Ms. Aid (generic version of Tylenol Menstrual Relief)

Items to vend at $ .50:

  • Always Ultra Thin Maxi Pads
  • Tampax Compak (regular absorbency)