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The Mach 5 Game Canister –
A Clever Fundraising Tool for
high traffic locations!

Corporations, Charities & Foundations

Drop coin onto top blade, move to BOTTOM blades and WIN! Catch a quarter, win a burger value meal! Catch a dime, win a regular order of fries! Catch a nickel, win a medium soft drink!
Your coins will help us support CHARITIES IN YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY.
A powerful vehicle for retailers to enhance charity collections and donations. With next-visit prizes, Mach 5 drives sales by bringing the customer back for prize redemption.

Regular Mach-5 specs

Tube canister size: 9 (w) x 18 (h) x 9 (w) tank
Sign size: 11 (w) x 6.125 (h)
Weight: 13 lbs.

Mini Mach-5 specs
Tube canister size: 9 (w) x 17 (h) x 6 (w) tube
Sign size: 8.5 (w) x 10 (h)
Weight: 10 lbs.