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Corporate Medical Vending Program
Help Employees Stay on the Job and Be More Productive!

Increased productivity – Protocol machines offer employees 24/7 access to personal products allowing them to return quickly to their duties. Your company’s health care professionals can now devote more time to other projects.

Controlled availability reduces expenses – Medical vending stops pilferage and reduces costs associated with standard first-aid boxes. It can also significantly reduce dispensing costs when health care professionals are on site.

Reduce potential liability – Having employees purchase over-the-counter medications may relieve you of various legal implications.

Graphics that complement your image
Our vending machines have a professional appearance that complement any décor, rather than cause a visual distraction. A variety of decal choices are available.

You will satisfy employee needs – Studies show employees appreciate the convenient access and easy operation of this equipment. With over 40 personal products available, you will satisfy virtually any need.

Choose from a diverse and durable line – No other company offers such a broad range of equipment (3, 4 and 5 column machines available) and product diversification. Each product is dispensed by a separate coin mechanism for unmatched reliability and accountability. Out-of-stock items are not an issue. Protocol machines hold up to 800 products.

Our programs are simple – Enjoy the benefits of a reliable vending service without the headaches. We will purchase, install and maintain the equipment.

No maintenance means cost savings – Not only do we provide routine preventive maintenance, we also make sure that any necessary repairs are made in a timely manner. Quick customer service is only a toll-free call away.